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Karma II
At Least I Didn't Kill Him:
Love shouldn't hurt...especially not physically. Janelle Hampton is living the picture perfect life, but no one knows anything about the heartbreak and dysfunction that constitutes her marriage. Determined to no longer be a victim and have taken all she can take, she finds herself acting out of character and doing the unthinkable. This eye-opening, heart-wrenching short story depicts what it's like when a woman has reached her breaking point. Affairs of the heart can often prove fatal and in the end love can become war. 

Karma II


After a series of relationships gone bad, Asha believes she's finally figured out how to play the hand she's been dealt in this sex game. Exploring her sexuality and aiming to find a deeper meaning for it all, Asha finds herself in and out of compromising situations. The moment her personal life spills over into her professional life, everything she thought she knew about herself becomes mass confusion. 

Has she grown enough as a woman to deal with the drama that follows her or will she succumb to the pressure surrounding her and ultimately fall back into her same ways of relying on her pussy to make things happen for her? 

Karma II


The Girls 2:
Some secrets will kill you. No one knows that better than Jada, Alex, Miranda and Candace, who've previously lost one of their friends, Stephanie, following a heartbreaking betrayal. Now Stephanie's boyfriend, Corey, is hitting the streets of Atlanta with a vengeance in an effort to get the haters that took his girlfriend's life, all while trying to take back his title as the king of the hood. 

Stephanie may be dead now, but the secrets lingering between the rest of the crew seem to just keep piling up and coming to the forefront. What happens once the farce becomes too difficult to keep up? Whose secrets will be exposed, who will find themselves forced to make a deadly decision, and who will be the one to change everyone else's lives forever? Friendship isn't supposed to be this hard, but the moment that first betrayal occurs, no one's feelings are safe.

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Karma II


Kenni Knowledge:
Every day is a new opportunity to gain greater insight about the world around you and about yourself. Kenni Knowledge is the epitome of self-discovery and personal truth.

Determined to live each day empowered and focused on the positive things in life, author and community activist Kenni York shares her words of wisdom, tidbits of advice, cautionary warnings, and food for thought as discovered while going through multiple changes in her life—from being sexually and emotionally abused; used and broken; married, cheated on, and divorced; from having nothing to building greatness; and from losing some things and people in order to win.

Kenni has compiled her life lessons to provide readers with one thought per calendar day to help you through various situations as she has viewed them. All thoughts/quotes included may not be of the popular mindset/school of thought—they weren’t intended to be. Each thought is penned from Kenni’s personal truth in hopes that you will tap into your own. Only then will you discover that true happiness lies within.





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